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Led by Hollywood veteran Beryl Huang, Bruber Media Partners, LLC is a production, distribution, and film investment company that specializes in the pairing of established wealth of the East with the ever-growing, creative market of the West. Bruber's partners include major capital film funds, film studios (both foreign and domestic), talent agencies, and prominent Hollywood directors and producers.

Guided by relentless commitment to our core values, we at Bruber Media Partners strive to bring our investors truly outstanding results and quality of service. It is our mission to provide investors with a diverse slate of investment opportunities, from single film projects to partnerships with Hollywood financing firms. Throughout this undertaking to achieve financial success for our investors, our focus is to raise financing for attractive film projects produced by the best talent in Hollywood with minimal risk and increased probability of return. To achieve this, we will utilize the collective experience and wisdom of our leadership to enter into well-defined agreements with the best foreign sales agencies and domestic distributors in Hollywood.


Core Values:

  • Professionalism in all facets of operation

  • Responsiveness and availability to clients

  • Quality through the entire development and production process

About Bruber Media Partners

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